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Our Goal 

More than one million bone-grafting procedures are performed annually for debilitating pain and bone conditions, emphasizing the increasing need for efficient bone substitutes. Although many types of bone products are available, no single product has been shown to satisfy this enormous worldwide demand for efficient bone remodeling other than autologous bone. Autografts are considered the “gold standard” as they provide the most successful treatment outcomes which far exceed any other products in the market. Unfortunately, the autograft harvesting procedure can lead to significant donor site morbidity, including chronic pain and fracture. A safe replacement product that is as efficient as autografts can revolutionize the way we treat patients with severe bone conditions. Our bone product is currently developed as a replacement for autografts and is optimized for rapid bone repair and regeneration.

Future Products 

At Molecular Matrix, Inc. (MMI), we believe in improving lives through innovations in science. Our technology can be used to repair damaged or missing skeletal tissues while addressing many of the limitations and side effects seen in the field.  Our hyper-crosslinked carbohydrate polymer (HCCP) technology provides a broad platform for tissue engineering in the orthopedic disciplines. This technology has been shown to be effective for bone regeneration, evidenced by bone precursor cell activities. We believe that the advancements brought by our technology will yield superior bone regeneration products for orthopedic, spine, and trauma applications. 

Bone Graft Extender 

Bone graft extenders are designed to provide a framework for bone to grow into. We expect to provide different HCCP formulations for use with autologous bone, allograft bone, and other biologics.

Biologics Carrier 

Carriers are designed to deliver and maintain osteoinductive elements such as bone morphogenetic proteins, tissue growth factors, bone marrow aspirates, and stem cells at their intended osseous targets.   


Stem Cells (Bone Marrow)


Autologous Blood Components

Bio-Compounds Pharmaceuticals