Osteo-P™ | Bone Graft Substitute

Osteo-P™ | Bone Graft Substitute is a non-mineralized, synthetic bone void filler consisting of a highly cross linked carbohydrate polymer. It is highly porous, biocompatible, biodegradable, and has shown exceptional osteogenic capabilities. Osteo-P™ is intended for single patient use only, and is provided in a one-time use double sterile packaging. Osteo-P™ is not indicated for use as a structural support in load bearing applications.





Osteo-P™ is intended for the filling of bone defects created surgically or through traumatic injury. When placed or packed into bone voids, Osteo-P™ supports and guides the ingrowth of new bone across the graft site, after which it is resorbed and replaced with vascularized bone during the healing process.

Features and Advantages

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